Burgersdorp 2012

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Burgersdorp SomerFees 2012 (12/13 Oktober) - Sien julle daar.

The Past *

When R.J. Gordon passed through this area in 1777, he encountered only a few San folk. Numerous rock paintings indicate that the area also had a great variety of game.

Since 1820 farmers moved deeper into the North Eastern Cape to escape British rule and the fierce attacks from the Xhosas. At the time, this area was just outside the borders of the Cape Colony.

Sir Benjamin D'Urban proclaimed the area as part of the Cape Colony in 1835. The district was then known as the 'Province of Adelaide'. By then 350 families were already farming in the area.>/p>

In 1846 a petition was drawn up with a request to the Graaff-Reinet Dutch Reformed church council to buy a farm for the founding of a church town. Up until then, the people had to travel to Graaff-Reinet, Cradock and Colesberg to attend church services.

The congregation of Burgersdorp was founded on 13 Oct 1846. The farm Klipfontein, was bought from Gert Buitendach for this purpose. 'Burgers' would honour the farmers(burgers) who brought Christianity to this area. On 20 Jan 1847, 75 stands were sold by public auction, at an average price of 50pounds.

The first nine streets, 2 squares and an area for the church were demarcated by plough and oxen. The first Municipality was established in 1891. The commonage was purchased by the Municipality during 1912.

The Present *

Burgersdorp, with its rich cultural historical background, may truly be called the "cultural heart of the North Eastern Cape". The crisp clean air, the friendly people and the various tourist attractions make the town a popular stop-over place. Many tourists, on the look out for something "truly South African", take the alternative route to pay the town a visit.

Churches: Several Christian churches are established in Burgersdorp e.g. Dutch Reformed, Reformed, A.G.S., the A.P.K, Anglican, Roman Catholic and the Methodist.

Sport and Recreation: Outstanding sporting facilities can be found in and around Burgersdorp e.g. Fishing, water sport, camping and caravan, Golf, Rugby, soccer, bowls, squash, netball, tennis and cycling. Athletic meetings are often organised. The annual partridge hunt and pointer competitions are also very popular.

Schools and Businesses: With 6 well equipped schools, 2 pre-primary and various farm schools - we are looking after our most valuable resource. A steady growth in student enrolment has been reported.
Initially traders transported goods by wagon between Port Elizabeth and Burgersdorp. Today Burgersdorp maintain a healthy business core, which provides for almost all the needs of the community. With an outstanding road and railroad connection, Burgersdorp can easily be reached.

Medical services: Burgersdorp got a well-equipped hospital, medical centre, plenty of clinics, a chemist, dentist and an optometrist.

* (Source - Burgersdorp, cultural heart of the North Eastern Cape: Compiler Anita Joubert)

Uit ons Kontrei - Burgersdorp News
Uit ons Kontrei - Burgersdorp News

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