The local watering hole - where you can even get water, if you ask nicely.

Fun start at a young age at Jakes - Burgersdorp

In Burgersdorp where we start to have fun at a early age. And the place where it's all happening - JAKES PLACE.

10 Years old
Jakes entertained the Burgerdorpers for the last 10 years. And if you look at the atmosphere and all of the things to do, except the obvious that is, you can see why he is going from strength to stregth. (OK, Jakes confessed, some morning-after mornings, there are no strength)

With a late night license, the fun can go on all night, until the wee hours of the morning sometimes. You have plenty of options, if just relaxing with your friends are not the option, then a bit of competition is what you need.
Challenge the people on the pool ranking list, or just play pool with your friends.
DSTV provide for some more competition, but throwing your glass at the big TV is frowned upon - remember, both teams can't win. So rather cut your losses, pay your dues on that bet, and have another of the wide choice behind the counter.

Behind the counter at Jakes - Burgersdorp Pool tabels and memories at Jakes Place Burgersdorp Dart board at the pub

Fun Nights
For the extroverts that can't wait for a party to happen and want a few dances, just grab a partner and take to the floor. And for guy's like me, a lekker game of chess is not to be missed. So, have a game of dominoes with some friends or chill in the far corner with just the music as your companion.

You always hear the saying, Home from Home - we'll if you arrive in Burgersdorp as a stranger, go for a drink in the pub and have a chat with the locals. You'll always find a few just coming in for a beer and a quick chat, and then off they go to do what Burgerdorp people do. (Mostly farming). Jake's Place is located in the middle of town, so if you fear getting lost(easiest excuse) in the 3 block business centre, just order your pub grub at the counter.
Dancing at Jakes - Burgersdorp Friday night at Jake's Place Burgersdorp Girls having fun

Jakes - friends of all ages

Jakes pub - friends having fun

Leliekloof rotskuns - 2 Elande

You don't need a cristal ball to see who is having fun