Veld Fires - Veld Brande


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22 October 2008 - Burgersdorp area


Fire coming onto the Stephenson farm

Mountain on Fire - fire on Stephenson farm


Fire running as soon as it came off the mountain

Fire running in the grass


Firefighters refilling their water supply

Firefighter refilling with water


Smoke everywhere

Smoke everywhere


Firestop worked, last of the fire in the vlakte

Stopped fire - firestop worked


Driving hard to cath the break-away flames

in the koppie

Driving hard to catch break-away fires


Mountain still burning, Fighting fire with fire.

Convoy of vehicles starting and controlling a

fire to stop the fire coming down the mountain.

Fight fire with fire - ten vehicles starting fires below mountain


Clouds of smoke reportedly could be seen

60km away at Aliwal North.

Smoke cloud at sunset.

Smoke clouds with sun setting


Sunset and cloud of smoke

Sunset and clouds


Fire destroying everything in its path.

Fire at night - controlled


Fighting fire all day long.

Firefighter at night during controlled fire.

Firefighter and fire at night


Bush burning at night.

Burning bush - controlled fire


More firefighters during controlled fire.

Firefighters - controlled fire


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