The last letter to my mom


Mom, I promise that I won’t forget your face, laughing away all my tears,  When you were the one feeling all the pain.  Mom I’ll never forget your eyes, keeping me alive inside.   I promise to try but it’s never going to be the same.

You taught me to keep my head up high.  Now you’re gone and riding the wind in heaven.  You even taught me never to look back, because life’s not fair.  That’s what you said so I’ll try not to care.  You told me the one time not to run from anything, and to live my life to the fullest.

Will you still see me cry when I stumble and fall?  Will you hear my voice when I call your name? 
You can’t wipe away my tears, from my eyes, but it’s alright, because your not here. 

I fought to be so strong.  I guess you knew that I was afraid you’d go away.  Mom I’ll never forget the time that we spend together, the past, the fun, the laughter and all the love that we shared.
Soon your smile will be fading, but at least I’ve got photo’s to remember you by.  I’ll keep on hanging on, but I’m afraid that I might be doing it wrong.  I wish that I could just give you one last kiss goodbye.  You’re memory will keep on living. 

I never thanked you for giving me to my parents, Bennie and Elmien Botha.  This was a very unselfish thing you did.  You had to live 23 years without me.  Thank you mommy for what you have done.

Thank you for excepting me back, and loving me for four years.


I will always love you.

Good buy for now.

With all my love. 
Jenay (Lisa Botha)

Foodzone staff - Burgersdorp
(Foto 2007)


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